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Shopify, Timber, and IcoMoon Icons

Adding More Font Icons to Shopify’s Timber Framework

While building a new custom Shopify theme for a customer, I ran across the need for additional icons besides the 30 or so that come stock with Timber’s icon font. Here are the fonts that come with Timber out-of-the-box: https://shopify.github.io/Timber/#icons This icon set is clearly lacking, but luckily Timber uses IcoMoon as their icon font of […]

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Local SEO for Eastern North Carolina

Local SEO as a Function of Offline Environment

Most business owners are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but few understand what Local SEO is, or at least how it differs from other SEO strategies. My background in SEO and marketing seemingly led me to Local SEO by accident, so here at Channel Marker Media, we specialize in Local SEO. But what is it? Local SEO […]

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Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Facebook Targeted Advertising: A Blessing and a Curse

Facebook: the boss’ worst enemy and everyone else’s best friend. The social media platform that steals so much of the bored desk worker’s time is a goldmine for advertisers. This was Facebook’s plan all along: build a massive user base by providing a free product that is quasi-addictive. How many times a day do you […]

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