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Custom Application Development

Need a custom web, mobile, or other software solution? Need a custom software integration? We can build custom mobile apps, custom WordPress plugins, and other custom apps to satisfy your business needs. We have over a decade of experience in custom programming solving all kinds of use-cases and challenges.

Your challenge is our specialty!


Custom Integration + Custom WordPress Plugin

Beach Waves Radio had two requests: automatically display their radio show schedule, in real-time, on their website, and also to display a list of their latest show recordings. We developed a custom WordPress plugin that allows for easy adjustments to their show schedule, and we developed a custom integration with the SoundCloud API to automatically list their latest show recordings on their homepage.

iOS and Android Native App

Benchmark Hunter is a mobile app that displays survey benchmark locations from the US National Geodetic Survey database. Benchmark Hunter is used by federal agency staff, surveyors, and benchmark hunting hobbyists. Benchmark Hunter is available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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