Benchmark Hunter

The only Geodetic Benchmark Hunting app on iOS!

Hunt for National Geodetic Survey benchmarks. View survey marks on a satellite, road, or hybrid map. Easily view NGS datasheets and pages. Survey marks are from the United States NGS database only. Other survey marks not in the NGS database will not be displayed.

This app is a tool for conveniently viewing NGS data on your mobile device. While the design and functionality of the Benchmark Hunter app is copyrighted by Channel Marker Media and Bobby Schultz, the benchmark data including coordinates, elevations, mark names, datasheets, and any other data sourced from the NGS is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless otherwise noted. Channel Marker Media and Bobby Schultz DO NOT MAKE COPYRIGHT CLAIMS TO ANY DATA SOURCED FROM THE NGS.

Benchmark Hunter, Channel Marker Media, and Bobby Schultz claim no affiliation with the NGS or any other government agency.

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